Sevich Natural Plant Essence Hair dye Shampoo White Hair Into Black Herbal Fast Black Hair Shampoo.

$27.96 $31.96
  • 250ml
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS, To Repair Damaged - SEVICH black hair dye shampoo, The active ingredients are extracted from Noni plants. In the hair into black at the same time, can replenish the nutrition hair needs.Repair damaged hair.
  • BACK To YOUNGER, Black Hair Not Scalp - With Noni Essence and Argan oil, Regain your youthful self-confidence.The natural reaction of natural herbs causes discolored hair to become dark and thick. lasts 30 days until the hair grows.
  • EASY To USE, Just 5 Minutes - Just like regular hair care.It is more convenient and safe than traditional dyes.You can do this at home using our black hair shampoo.More time and cost savings.
  • BLACK HAIR TIP, Best Choices - Wash your hair before using this Natural Shampoo. It works best when you keep your hair moist and evenly covered with shampoo.Massage scalp properly.Wait five minutes and you'll see the results.
  • ONLY In SEVICH - If you encounter any quality problem, please contact us immediately and we will refund you the full amount.We have 24-hour customer service to deal with your problem.At the same time, if there is any undetected allergic reaction during use, please immediately stop using it, consult your doctor and contact us.

Black Hair Shampoo - SEVICH Instantly Black Hair Dye, Noni Essence Hair Shampoo, Hair Strength Repair Conditioner, 5 Minutes Grey Cover, Long-Lasting 30days,

SEVICH hairstyle product. Our Black Hair Shampoo are more nature and stable, The active components were extracted from Noni and Argan. We focus on the production of products suitable for daily use, in line with the most suitable for daily life habits.

Main Data
Main ingredients:Noni extracts, Argan essential oils, water.
Style:Black Hair Shampoo 250ml.

Black Hair Tips.
1.Wash and clear your hair, Dry it until No water drop off
2.Wear the gloves. Take the shampoo, mix evenly on the hair softy
3.Massage your hair slightly until the shampoo cover on hair evenly, then wait for 5-10min, If your hair is thicken use more bag for one time.

Package:1*250ml SEVICH Black Shampoo.

After-sales and Quality assurance.
1.If the Items are damaged or the nature of the goods changes, please contact us immediately. We will refund you the full amount and make a perfect solution.
2.Due to the special nature of the goods, we do not accept returns of any used goods.
3.If any allergic symptoms and adverse reactions occur during use, please consult a professional doctor immediately and report the situation to us.Let's give you a complete solution as soon as possible.

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