Automatic Hair Curler, Curls in Seconds, Easy Curl With LCD display,

$45.99 $65.99
Plug standard:

  • EASY CURL - choose your style, choose your curl!
  • CURLS IN SECONDS - get the desired style you want in only a few seconds.
  • EASY TO USE - everyone loves simple. You will get the hang of this curler in no time!
  • 360 SWIVEL CORD - Convenience is key. Don't worry about tangled cords with our 360 Degree Swivel Cord.
  • AUTOMATIC - curling technology makes curling easy for everyone! Please be sure to read instructions carefully. The buttons and display should point towards the head always.

Voltage: 110 volts to 240 volts

Color: black / pink / red
Adjust the three directions of rotation:
* R - right hair, curled
* L. Left hair, curled
*United Nations automatic
Three timer settings:
*Single wave 8 seconds / 4 beeps
* Soft curls for 10 seconds / 5 times of buzz
* 12 seconds / 6 beeps, clearer curls
Three heating settings:
* 190 ° C for delicate, delicate or colored hair
* 210 for normal hair with texture
* 230 for thick hair or curly hair
LED display, set at a glance
Super natural curl effect

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