Goat Milk Body Lotion Improve Rough Dry Skin Deep Nourishment Body Care 250ml

$24.28 $39.99

  • ❉Our goat milk moisturizer contains nourishment and whitening elements, delicate texture moist skin, light and non-greasy, which is easy to absorb.
  • ❉Repairing body lotion: Nourishing and repair, containing goat milk abstract, penetrated into skin bottom, pour the restoring energy and essence, creating healthy, full and beautiful skin.
  • ❉Whitening Moisturizing Cream: Intensively nourishes and whitening evenly. Moisturizing and hydrating, increase skin luster and elasticity.
  • ❉Solve multiple problems: Whitening, brighten complexion and enhance dry, dark, and lusterless skin problems, etc.
  • ❉Suitable for all parts: our all-around body moisturizer can easily to apply and suitable for hands, legs, back and other parts of your body.

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