Stainless Steel, Ice Roller for Face & Eye, Puffiness ,Migraine,Pain Relief

$25.10 $36.88

  • Ten minutes with the cool roller is all it takes to strengthen collagen fibers, reduce pores and redness, and improve skin texture. It also helps improve lymphatic drainage, remove toxins from the system and reduce unwanted cellulite! Effectively reduce puffiness and inflammation, improve uneven patches and banish dull, dry skin for a complexion to be envied!
  • Ice roller helps relieve sore, aching muscles, too! Use it as a neck and face massager to relax migraine tension, roll over arches and toes to soothe foot pain, and alleviate tender sunburns with ease! Once you try the beauty roller for the first time, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. It’s got all the benefits of a cold shower, spa session and pain relief ointment.
  • Use the Stainless steel Head one(smaller one) to massage your eyes and temple and wrinkle which is smaller than the ABS head which is Easier to operate. Use the ABS head(with water & Beads inside) one to massage your face,neck,body which can gain your vitality back when you feel tired,Use it on any part of your body to relieve those pains or sores.
  • The multi-purpose face roller massager is small, lightweight and super portable, so radiant skin is never out of reach. It’s perfect for maintaining that glowing complexion while traveling or vacationing–all you need is a freezer! 
  • - Rolling massage wake up the skin, gradually enjoy the process of becoming beautiful.

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